Green Fanzines

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What’s A Green Zine

"If one individual gets a bright idea, others will follow it and so form a culture"  --Sir David Attenborough, The Life of Mammals, Food for ThoughtA Zine is a handmade publication

that celebrates your favorite ideas and topics. 

It’s a useful resource. 

It is meant to be SHARED. 

It’s green because

It’s simple to make copies on recycled paper,

or simply share your ideas digitally.

It’s simple to include pictures from

your camera, computer or sketchbook,

without a lot of waste.

I make small nutty books

on reusable paper, and try

to understand our cohabitants’

fascinating views on our soil,

our watershed,

and our food web.

In my zine I’ll celebrate stories about

species that are resilient & successful,

& learn about clever adaptations

we humans can make to

live more in-tune with Earth,

aware of our culture,

our landscape

and our impact.

I hope you’ll write down your ideas, find some stories, and share them.

What’s your perspective on our urban ecosystems?

to learn how to fold your very own one-sheet-recycled-mini green zine. CLICK HERE


Download “whats a green zine” mini zine (pdf)

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