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What’s a Chicken Dream?

Why is my personal ‘zine called “Chicken Dream”?

 As a suburban kid, entering a chicken coop to gather eggs, on a summer visit to my grandparents’ farm was pretty much THE thing I wanted to do when I was eight.  That excitement was stirred up more recently, when I surprised myself by gracefully swooping down and scooping up an escaping chicken from a neighborhood coop, on pure reflex.  And ever since then, I’ve felt like some kind of chicken ninja.  I do not currently have chickens.  Just the dream.

I make Green Fanzines with nature curious folks in local workshops

Chicken Dream Green Zine is my personal Green ‘zine.

A chicken dream is something you hold onto

when you’re feeling disconnected from nature

My grandparents were farmers

and I’ve always dreamed

of sporting dew covered clogs and

tossing millet to my own chickens,

passing an egg basket to my kids,

and inviting them to explore the free range.

When I ask around, it turns out

a lot of us wish we had our

very own hens or gardens

to connect us to our foodweb,

but we don’t even have backyards.

Chicken Dream Green Zine

is for so many of us

who love and live in the

city and suburbs,

who want to see green growth

in our ecosystem.

In the spirit of our collective,


chicken and garden dreams,

we celebrate:

urban outings

green spaces

wild cohabitants

nature connection

healthy soil

fresh food

and your discoveries.

Download “what’s a chicken dream” mini zine (pdf)

I’m not the only one with a backyard Chicken Dream.

Check out these great resources for urban and suburban chicken keeping.

Just Food City Chicken Links and Resources

“It’s not unusual for food lovers to toy with the notion of adding chickens to a thriving garden or building a rooftop coop. Now the novelty has become reality: despite coyotes, foxes and the occasional cage-break, many urbanites and suburbanites are raising their own eggs.”
NYTimes:  Dining & Wine:  Straight From the Home Coop, By JULIA MOSKIN, Published: April 3, 2012


"Hurrah for the chicken.  Hurrah for the EGG."  --Maira Kalman, And the Pursuit of Happiness.

What’s your Chicken Dream?

One comment on “What’s a Chicken Dream?

  1. CDream
    October 8, 2012

    Worried about lead in urban backyard eggs? Don’t give up the dream, just do the soil test. Chickens are a great way for us to reconnect and rebuild healthy soil.

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